Need technical help?
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Step up to Kanini Tech Support.

Wondering how to secure your network, upgrade your computers or recover your data? What if your Computer or Network needs to be maintained?

Look no further than Kanini Tech Support, the place to go for advice, insight, and hands-on technical support. Whether you visit our Support Center, or contact us by phone, email or even WhatsApp, we’re ready to help you with all things tech.

Our highly trained Geeks will answer all your technical questions, troubleshoot problems and explain it all in language that’s easy to understand. From setting up your network, replacing your hard-drive to installing a new software, Kanini has you covered.

98427 55586

Get real-time help from a Kanini Geek right on your mobile device.

98427 55586

You can call us immediately or at your convenience, or you can schedule a time for us to call you.

[email protected]

For more straightforward questions – about an issue with Kanini ERP, for instance – send us an email and we’ll quickly reply with a solution.

Kanini Support Center

We run Kanini Support Centers in Erode, Coimbatore and Chennai. Bring your device to one near you and get help from a Kanini Geek.


Send us an email or give us a call to begin the process of posting your device to the Kanini Repair Center. All Kanini products are eligible for postal service.

Who works at the Kanini  Support Center?

Kanini Support Center is home to our Kanini Geeks. Selected by us, they are the most knowledgeable Tech people. Trained at our headquarters, the Geeks have extensive experience and know almost all there is to know about Computers and Networks. In fact, Geeks can take care of everything from troubleshooting problems to real repairs. They work with you to give technical support and troubleshoot any hardware or software problems.

Why choose Kanini Tech Support?

When you have questions or need technical support for your hardware or software, with Kanini Tech Support you have immediate help. Kanini Geeks provide instant tips and advice, answer your questions and do repairs when necessary. You might be wondering how to secure you network, how to upgrade your computers or how to recover your data. Kanini Geeks are there to help with all your technical concerns.

What to do before my Tech Support Session?

First, back up your data. We’re happy to show you how to back up, but remember data is irreplaceable. If you prefer, we can back up your data to our server for a small fee. Then gather the equipment you need for your session. Make careful notes of the issues you’re experiencing and jot down a list of questions you want to cover. If you’ve already spoken to a Kanini Geek on this issue, have your ticket number with you.

What to expect at Kanini Tech Support?

During your session, your Kanini Geek will gather information about your system and work with you to resolve your issues and answer your questions. Your Geek will run diagnostic tests on your system and consult with other Geeks during this time. If your computer requires repair, your Geek will discuss repair options, explain any applicable charges, and prepare your computer for repair. Some repairs can even be completed right away. Most sessions last about 15 minutes, but some may take longer, depending on the issue.