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We here at Kanini don’t just create software – we create the kind of wonder that’s revolutionizing entire industries. This is where some of the world’s smartest, most passionate people create the world’s most creative software and experiences. It’s the ideas of our people that inspire and innovate everything we do.

A career at Kanini is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. Because whether you’re a developer, web designer or a network expert, you’ll become a part of something big. Join Kanini in sales, support or even leadership, and you’ll do the best work of your life — and help us leave the world better than we found it.

Every detail matters.

Every piece of technology. Every click of the mouse. Every “How can I help you?” Everything. And it doesn’t matter just some of the time. It matters all the time. That’s how we do things at Kanini. The result is some of the best-loved software in the world.

Simplicity isn’t simple.

Ask anyone here. It’s hard work. It means forever asking, “Why is it this way?” and “How can it be better?” It means rethinking every client experience until the clutter has fallen away — until all that remains is what’s essential, useful, and beautiful. That might be a new software feature that delights even our die-hard fans. It might be a client support call, or even a screen in Kanini ERP, arranged and displayed exactly so.

Creativity from every corner.

When you imagine the creative process at Kanini, at first you may not picture someone in HR. Or operations. Or finance. But we expect creative thinking and solutions from everyone here, no matter what their responsibilities are. Innovation takes many forms, and our people seem to find new ones every day.

Where do you see yourself at Kanini?

With business booming at Kanini locations in Chennai, Coimbatore and Erode, Kanini is growing fast. How about you? Are you ready to grow with us? When there’s an opening at Kanini, we always look to fill in with the best. If that sounds like you, then start your search right here.

Forget all the rules. That’s what we did when we started Kanini. We created a whole different kind of office: creative, collaborative and fun. And that is how we dream up what’s next for Kanini – from hardware to software to the client experience that goes with it – and how we do everything necessary to make it happen.

And that’s why we’re looking not just for technology experts, but also creative pros and even business specialists. Seasoned pro or fresh out of college, you’ll find a career at Kanini challenging and inspiring. It’s exciting stuff. And you can be part of it. Choose from one of the departments to see where you fit in our organization.

College Internship Program for Students

Are you a full-time student studying in college? Are you about to graduate? Did you just graduate from college?

You can be a part of Kanini while you’re still getting your degree. Intern at Kanini – and your summer vacation could lead to a rewarding career. Gain valuable work experience alongside some of the most innovative, dedicated, and playful minds in the world. We have a variety of positions ideal for students and college graduates.