Kanini Web Services

Rise up, the Internet is calling. Answer.

You may have always wanted to start your own website, or a blog or just have an on-line presence – but it always seemed too complicated. And you don’t have money to spend on a web designer or HTML expert. Meet Kanini Web Services.

You can create any kind of website or blog – complete with photos and videos you want and get them on-line in minutes. Just choose your domain, then publish your website to the Internet.

Kanini Websites

Get a head start with your website.

Sure, you’d love your very own website, but you want something that looks, well, really good. Let us help you build a beautiful website in minutes. With a collection of web page templates at your fingertips, creating a masterfully designed website has never been easier.

Every Kanini website comes with thousands of stunning themes, choose one that fits your style. Each theme contains a range of page templates – perfect for About Me, Photo Album, Blog, Videos and more – so you can put your content on a page specifically designed for it.

Then simply drag in your photos, videos and other content and easily publish them to the Internet. No design degree required. No HTML skills required. You can even tweak the photos you want in your website. Resize, rotate and perform Photoshop like adjustments on your photos. Mix and match templates within a site or create different websites with different themes.

We take care of everything else from setting up navigation menus for your website to creating a beautiful home page. We even take care of SEO for your website, so you’ll have more visitors. Kanini Web Services works for you, not the other way around.


Use Kanini Web Services to start your own blog. Every blog includes an blog admin panel, a home page, even an archives page, so you can travel back in time. And adding new blog posts is as easy as writing an email.

Chose a blog template and start typing your blog post. And since our blog admin panel gives you quick access to all your other content, creating a multimedia blog is just a matter of dragging your photos, videos and more right into your blog.

That means you can supplement your travel blog with a walking tour video of your favorite foreign city. Or update your family blog with an anniversary photo.

And when you’re done creating the post, and it’s time to share it to the world, just one click publishes your blog post to the Internet.

Kanini Web Admin

Every website needs content. Your photo page needs images. Your blog needs links to your favorite music. And that’s why you have the Kanini Web Admin.

Using the Web Admin, you can control all of your website – photos, pages, blogs, videos – all without calling us. Drag in the YouTube video or upload the video you took earlier today. Or the photo album of your vacation. Whatever you want to share, you’ll find it in the Kanini Web Admin.

Your one-stop for all Web Services

Publish to the Internet in one click.

Sharing your dreams with the world is now very simple. That’s because with Kanini Web Services, you can create, manage and publish your own website easily – complete with blogs, photo albums, videos and more in a single click. Plus Kanini Web Servers host everything on you create. No configuration, no hassle. We immediately publish your entire website to the Internet, where the whole world can see it.

So go ahead. Join the Internet revolution with Kanini Web Services!